Videos - Lamborghini 350GTV

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Lamborghini 350GTV


Lamborghini Miura The Lamborghini Miura during 1965, Lamborghini's three top engin...

1 minutes : 29 seconds
Ferrari's in the service area

Chris Ashworth records lots of great cars being serviced. I have included a few ...

2 minutes : 22 seconds
Porsche 959, Lingenfelter Corvette and Camaro

A few high performance cars at the Michigan Concours d'elegance, including the P...

20 seconds
Ferrari 355 great sound!

My Facebook Page - Blog - Chris Ashworth re...

2 minutes : 14 seconds
Lamborghini Reventon

Ken Lingenfelter's Lamborghini Reventon at the Meadowbrook Concours d'elegance i...

29 seconds
Toledo Cars & Coffee. 300SL, Pantera, DeLorean, 308

Cars & Coffee show in Toledo, OH. For pictures of more cars, check out s1047.pho...

6 minutes : 1 seconds
Cars & Coffee Ferrari 288 GTO, Jensen, '37 Cord, Pantera

This show was at Autozone on Woodward. Ferrari 288 GTO De Tomaso Pantera 1937 Co...

4 minutes : 29 seconds
The shocking origins of Lamborghini (overview of Lamborghini and founder Ferruccio Lamborghini)

Carlyle's Picks presents: A brief History of the company Lamborghini. Do you kno...

3 minutes : 42 seconds
Lamborghini Diablo SVR destroyed by horrible paint job

Here we see a Lamborghini Diablo SVR with some of the ugliest designs on the sid...

35 seconds